The Lodge

  • All of our runs have solid walls to create sense of comfort and security for our guests.
  • Runs are positioned around the periphery of the indoor play area, fostering a sense of familiarity and calm (we like to think they feel like they are sleeping in the living room).
  • Dogs are able to see other dogs ensuring they don’t feel alone.
  • Heated floors keep dogs warm in the winter and these concrete floors keep dogs naturally cool in the summer.
  • Our large indoor play area provides play space during foul weather and for after-dark play.
  • High ceilings provide an open, airy feel (say goodbye to old fashioned, grim ‘kennels’).
  • A resort destination for dogs, where they can run, play, make friends and nap in style.
  • Properly outfitted with smoke detectors, heat sensors and entry alarms, all connected to a local security company.