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Dog carrying stick while walking in the woods

Looking for a dog walker ‘Near Me’

Dog parents often search for a “dog walker near me”. But, will your dog get the most out of a walk that is near you? Will they be stuck on a leash, walking at the same pace as their human friends? If you want more for your dog then we have a better answer.

Whatever your reason for wanting ‘a dog walker near me’, we can meet your needs while also meeting the needs of your dog. We offer exciting off-leash hikes in our fully fenced private dog parks, on our country estate, just outside of Kingston, Ontario. If you live within the Kingston area, we offer free door-to-door service.  We pick up your pup with our custom designed ‘party-vans’ to ensure fun from start to finish. So, wherever you are in Kingston, Ontario, we are near you!

Let’s get off-leash!

Our off-leash hikes take place within our private dog parks.  These parks provide a safe space for dogs to be dogs – to run, play, socialize and explore.  Our parks are big enough for dogs to stay stimulated for hours but manageable enough that we can always be within voice range of a dog that has wandered off on a solo adventure. 

And our highly trained dog walkers are always with your pup while they are out on the trails. We are there to guide the dogs and act as the ‘playground monitor’ as they socialize and explore with a consistent group of pack mates.

From pick up to drop off, your dog will have:

  • Fun
  • Adventure
  • Exercise
  • Socialization with a consistent group of pack mates
  • Mental stimulation

Our fencing is state of the art!

For dogs with less than perfect recall, we have that covered – from jumpers to climbers to diggers – our dog parks are fenced with every challenge in mind.

4 Dogs walking off-leash on a wide trail next to 6 foot high fencing.
  • For the small dog we use no-climb fencing features small wire spacing to keep even the smallest of dogs safe and secure
  • Have a the digger? Our fencing is buried 6 inches underground
  • Jumper? Our fencing rises 6 feet above ground
  • And for the super jumpers – we have finished off with an electric line at the top.

Live outside of the Kingston area?

No worries!  You are welcome to drop your dog off for daycare.  It is worth the drive for your dog to get out to Groovytown Dog Lodge.  Your pup will get the same great adventures and, during their down time, they will enjoy our spacious private dog runs.

We are the dog walkers near you. See what we are talking about – book your free introductory hike today!

Email to book your dog’s next adventure!

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