Overnight Boarding


Pack Member*  $45.25
Pack Member* 2nd dog (sharing run) $30.75
(rates are based on 24-hour cycles. If your dog’s drop-off is in the morning and their pick-up is in the evening then the 1/2 day fee applies, see below)

Occasional Camper  $48.25
Additional Dog (sharing run)  $32.75 
(rates are based on 24-hour cycles. If your dog’s drop-off is in the morning and their pick-up is in the evening then the 1/2 day fee applies, see below)

1/2 day add-on $30.75
1/2 day add-on, Additional Dog (sharing) $20.75
(rates are based on 24 hour cycles. If your dog’s drop-off is in the morning and their pick-up is in the evening then the 1/2 day fee applies.)
Prices subject to HST

*Pack Members are enrolled in weekly Day Hikes or Daycare (minimum of one day per week).

Additional Options

Dog food $0.80 / cup
6″ Bully Stick $6
12″ Bully Stick $12
Dentastix and Hide-less Chews $1.25
Complementary toys, cookies and snuggles
Prices subject to HST

Signature Off-leash Adventure Hikes

Groovytown Dog Lodge specializes in canine off-leash adventure hikes. Members of the groovy pack get out of the city, where they can express their inner dog while socializing in a contained, private area.  

Our two Adventure Parks providing acres of field and forest for dogs to run, play and socialize within. In addition, for our lodge guests, we also have a smaller playground for after-dark play an indoor play area for after-dark and inclement weather.

All of our outdoor play areas are secured with 6 foot high fencing, 6 inches of underground fencing, and an electric line of wire running along the top.

Our Lodging

Dogs staying at the Lode enjoy spacious runs that face into our indoor play area, thus creating a sense of familiarity and calm. Runs have solid side-walls to provide a feel of safety and personal space. Parents are welcome to provide personal toys and bedding to give dogs a touch of home and family. If your dog arrives without a travel bag then fear not as we have blanks to sleep on and toys to play with.

What to Bring

Guests are welcome to bring they own bedding, toys and treats. Please, no real bones, but anything else is welcome. If you arrive with nothing, no problem! We have you covered. We have toys, treats, food, and blankets.

Bringing your own food? Please ensure that you pre-bag your food, allowing for 2 portions per day. Please write your dog’s name on each bag so that we can return your bags for re-use on your dog’s next visit. Your dog will be fed in their own run so dogs are welcome to graze if that is their preference. If that is their preference, please still provide 2 meals per day.

Optional Items:
  • A blanket or towel with a familiar scent.
  • Treats and toys. For safety reason, no bones please.
  • Food, divided and bagged for each meal (ziplock or lunch bag is ideal). Labelled food bags will be to you for future re-use.
    Please, DO NOT bring full sized dog food bags or hard plastic / Tupperware containers. Food is stored in private cubbies for each dog and the cubbies cannot accommodate larger such items.

Adding Your Dog to the Pack


  • Up-to-date on standard vaccinations (Rabies, Distemper, Parvo) as well as Bordetella.
  • Adult dogs must be spayed or neutered
  • On a veterinarian-approved flea prevention program.
  • Completion of a pre-stay introductory visit and walk of the property to ensure your dog has a stress-free introduction to resort life.
  • The Leptospirosis vaccination is not required but is  highly recommended.  Not vaccinating your dog will put them at risk.
  • Minimum age of 4 months and completion of first three standard rounds of vaccinations (speak to your veterinarian about these requirements).
  • Non-aggression. We provide a very interactive, social environment. This space is not suitable for dogs that react aggressively to other dogs.

Step one

Prior to becoming a member of the pack, we ask that you and your dog join us for a complimentary walk.  This walk gives your dog a chance to get to know their new friends while still in the comfort of your presence.  A new dog will often run back and forth between the excitement of the new faces and the familiarity of mom or dad.  After a few minutes, however, don’t feel too bad when Fido is off playing with little regard for us boring humans.  If you are unable to participate in the walk, alternative arrangements can be made.

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