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Best Friends Forever!

Finally!  Pull out the picnic baskets and beach umbrellas.   It looks like we are going to be able to start enjoying this summer weather!  As the lockdown restrictions are incrementally lifted, our options for travel expand!  Off to the cottage, the campground or a friend’s backyard?  Wonderful!  Now, what about your dog?

Planning Your Dog’s Vacation

Well, don’t forget to organize your dog’s vacation too!  While you are off reconnecting with friends and family your dog could be making their own friends or reconnecting with old ones.  At Groovytown Dog Lodge we cater to the social needs of the canine variety.  Our group hikes and large fenced parks allow your dog to play, run, and explore to their heart’s content.

Is Your Dog Feeling a Bit Shy?

After a long lock-down, many dogs are unfamiliar with the social aspects of life.  As we have been asked to avoid contact with all but our own households, so too, many dogs have been taught to avoid other dogs and people while out on their hikes.  As a natural consequence, this has made for some very shy dogs. 

We have seen a lot of this shyness at the Lodge over the past few months.  The good news is that with patience and love, we can work with your dog to get them out of their shell.  By bringing shy dogs into the group – usually starting on a leash – we are able to show these dogs that they are in a safe place and that the other dogs just want to be friends.

A Day at the Lodge

At Groovytown Dog Lodge we specialize in off-leash social escapades in our private, fenced, adventure parks. Our signature off-leash group adventure hikes are enjoyed by all of our day campers & overnight guests.

Your dog will get to play with other dogs, run through acres of fields and explore in rich forests. Whether your dog loves to follow a scent or chase butterflies, Groovytown Dog Lodge provides the space for your dog to express their unique personality.

Dog Boarding Kingston Ontario is one click away!

If you live in or near Kingston, Ontario, then we are near you!  We are just 10 minutes west of Kingston, in Odessa.  Moments from highways 2 and the 401, we are an easy stop before heading off on your next adventure.

Be sure to plan ahead as we do ask that each of our guests join us for a complementary introductory hike.  Just like the first day you went to nursery school, your dog may need a bit of hand-holding as they are introduced to this exciting new adventure.  The introductory hike will also give you peace of mind as you see where your dog will be playing while you are away.

Once you are set up in our system then booking is simply a click away. 

Book your introductory hike today!

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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