Cross Country Skiing with your Dog

Out skiing with Django and his Groovytown Dog Lodge pack. January 2021

Looking for a way to get outside with your dog during lock-down? Cross country skiing is a great way to give your dog a good run while getting some fresh air into your lungs. 

I use Madshus backcountry xc skis. Metal edges and wax-less mean my skis are ready for any snow conditions, no grooming required. I just click and go. 

It might take a few corrections to get your dog to stay off of your skis but, no matter what, you will be out of the house spending some quality time with your bestie! 

If needed, a dog harness, leash, and waist strap will give you hands-free control of your pup as the two of you explore to your hearts content.

Please keep your dog’s fitness needs in mind. Cross country skiing can be demanding so be sure to give your dog some breaks and don’t overdo it. If you aren’t sure of your dog’s limits then give your dog’s vet a call before breaking trail.

In Kingston, you will find Madshus backcountry xc skis at Sepp’s Ski and Snowboards.

Can’t get out there with your pup? No worries! We can take care of that. See our list of services.

We would love to see what kind of outdoor fun you are getting up to with your dog this winter. Share your pics to our Groovytown Dog Lodge Instagram and Facebook pages!

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