Getting Off-leash with Your Dog

2 dogs walking in the snow
Dogs enjoying some off-leash adventures at Groovytown Dog Lodge.

Living through a pandemic can feel a bit like you are tethered to a leash.  So many restrictions.  Held back from doing the things you love.  Just imagine an entire life of that.  Now imagine a dog that never gets freedom from their leash. Is it time to get your dog off-leash?

Just like the current pandemic measure are meant to keep everyone safe, the leash is meant to protect your dog.  We love our dogs.   We want them to have their best lives but we also want them to have long and healthy lives.  For that reason, we use tools like leashes to keep them safe.

But just like we want to get off of our leashes, so too, our dogs crave a chance to run free, express themselves, and burn off some pent-up energy.  While leashes are a great way to manage the unexpected, our dogs need more than that.

Safety First when Unleashing the Hounds

When determining the right balance between safety and freedom for a dog, I like to compare dogs to toddlers or preschoolers.  Young children may be very well behaved – mostly following your guidance – but we still plan around those inevitable missteps. So too, we can teach our dogs manners and commands but we always want to ensure that there is a buffer zone to make room for mistakes. 

Depending on where you live, your options may be few or many.  You may live out in the country with lots of safe space to walk a dog that likes to stay close-by or has great recall.  Or perhaps you have a large dog park where you can meet up with friends for doggy play-dates. 

Training your dog for off-leash play, outside of a fenced area, will require training in a safe environment and / or the use of training aids such as a long lead. Your style of training will depend on your dog’s personality and how much prey drive they display. Please consult with a reputable trainer before unleashing your dog in an unfenced area.

Let’s Get Together to Untether!

If you are having trouble finding a safe place to give your dog this freedom then we have the answer.

At Groovytown Dog Lodge we have two private dog parks with state-of-the-art fencing, creating a safe space to get your dog off-leash.  Our parks feature acres of forests and fields, giving your dog lots of room to run, explore and socialize. 

We offer day-hikes including pick-up and drop-off in the Kingston area, daycare with early morning drop offs and early evening pick-up, as well as overnight boarding.  No matter what you sign up for, your dog will get to enjoy the trails while socializing with other dogs. 

Our highly trained staff guide the dogs on these hikes, ensuring everyone is having a good time – think of us the playground monitors you had back in grade school. 

Before you sign up for any of our services, we ask that you join us for an introductory hike.  This will give you a chance to see exactly where your pup will be spending their time.  This introduction also gives your dog a chance to get familiar with the trails. 

While on this hike, or at any other time, we would be happy to discuss off-leash training so feel free to ask.

We always look forward to seeing you so book your introductory hike today!