Have you ever seen a dog run across a field?
Their limbs stretched out as they take full strides across a grassy knoll?
The speed.  The grace.  Just try to keep up!

Unleash the Adventure

Dogs Vangroovin' Adventure Hike

One Dog $19.10
Additional Dog (same location) $11.58
Walks include door-to-door service.

Dogs Vangroovin' specializes in canine off-leash adventure hikes.  Send your pooch out to play on a beautiful private acreage, just West of Kingston, Ontario.  Members of the groovy pack get out of the city, where they can express their inner dog while socializing in a contained, private area.  Dogs also reap the benefits of having a consistent pack of playmates, giving them the tools to socialize with confidence.  

After this exciting 1.5 hour hike, your faithful companion will be returned home ready for a long nap and lots of cuddles.  This off-leash hike is great for dogs of all ages and sizes.

Step one:
Prior to becoming a member of the pack, we ask that you and your dog join us for a complimentary walk.  This walk gives your dog a chance to get to know their new friends while still in the comfort of your presence.  A new dog will often run back and forth between the excitement of the new faces and the familiarity of mom or dad.  After a few minutes, however, don't feel too bad when Fido is off playing with little regard for us boring humans.  If you are unable to participate in the walk, alternative arrangements can be made.

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Now Open!

Groovytown Dog Lodge
The resort destination for your dog!

Members $35.00 
Non-Members $38.00 
2nd dog, sharing a kennel $25

Guests of the lodge enjoy our signature off-leash group hike as well as smaller indoor and outdoor play yards and a flexible sleeping space providing for both group and privates sleep areas.

Guests are encouraged to provide their own bedding to create a familiar scent to the environment.  Additional bedding is available at no charge.  Guests may also provide their own food and treats.  Alternatively, guests are welcome to choose from our menu of dinner, snack and chew toy options (additional fees apply).

Members are all clients whose dogs are enrolled in Dogs Vangroovin' Adventure Hikes for a minimum of one day per week.

All dogs must be up-to-date on vaccinations and adult dogs must be spayed or neutered (exceptions may be made on an individual basis).  A pre-stay visit and walk of the property is highly recommended to ensure your dog has a stress-free introduction to resort life.

A Typical Day at the Lodge:

Here at the Lodge we know that each dog is unique.  With that in mind, the Lodge is a flexible space ready to accommodate this individuality.  The day includes morning and evening outings in the 10 acre Adventure Park, as well as an additional 1.5 hours of off-leash hiking in the Park for those dogs that are up for the adventure.  Throughout the rest of the day guests may enjoy the outdoor playground, the indoor lounge or their own private rooms. 

During their stay, we will closely watch the behaviour of your dog to see where he or she will be able to get the most out of their visit.  For example, playful dogs may be grouped together for play time while mellow dogs may share space to enjoy quiet companionship.  If your dog has found a BFF (Best Friend Forever!) then we may choose to let them share sleeping quarters.  For dogs who prefer private time we offer eight indoor-outdoor runs.  Whatever the need, our goal is to create an experience catered to your unique dog, ensuring their stay is worth coming back for.

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Dogs Vangroovin' is bonded and insuredPrices are subject to change without notice.