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Unleash the Adventure

Have you ever seen the look on your dog's face as they run across a field?  You can see the smile!
In the process they are strengthening their heart and body, giving them a better chance at a longer, healthier life.  
Feed your dog's need for exercise and mental stimulation with our fun and exciting group adventure hikes.  


We've Expanded! Groovytown Dog Lodge Now Open

Dogs Vangroovin' has expanded!  We now offer overnight accommodations at our new facility, Groovytown Dog Lodge.  

Guests of the new facility enjoy our signature off-leash group hike as well as smaller indoor and outdoorplay play yards and a flexible sleeping area, providing both group and private sleep areas.

I am a hound and I LOVE going to "running group"!

Hi, my name is Plato.  I am a hound dog and I LOVE going to "running group" with Kristen.  I can get a little nervous about the van and all the dogs but Kristen has taken the time and made sure that I am comfortable.  Kristen has been fantastic with me and ensure that I am safe, even if I make that difficult sometimes!  I have always looked forward to my runs with Kristen and the other dogs - I have even started bringing friends with me it is so fun!


Dogs Vangroovin' is located in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

For further information regarding our services please contact us directly at 613-583-3647.

Groovytown Dog Lodge
286 Shane St.
Odessa, ON
K0H 2H0

Phone: (613) 583-3647
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