About Us


Coming soon!
Groovytown Dog Lodge

Overnight accommodations for your dog, including our trademark adventure day hikes.  Anticipated opening is December 2016!


About Us

Dogs Vangroovin' is grounded in the belief that dogs enrich our lives and, in turn, they deserve rich lives too.  Dogs need a chance to be dogs - to run freely, stretch their legs, strengthen their hearts, andsocialize with fellow canines. These are vital factors for a well-behaved, healthy dog.

Established in 2001, in Vancouver, BC, Dogs Vangroovin' was created by Kristen Kadis as a means of balancing the rigors of university with a healthy lifestyle.  Starting with $30, a little yellow Volkswagon Beetle, and training in basic dog obedience, the adventure began.  More than ten years later, Kristen has become the leader in canine group relations.  She is often sought out for her ability to work with challenging dogs, and for her desire to bring harmony to human-dog relationships. 

Kristen has always been passionate about animals.  She will stop traffic to save an injured duck, or to escort a turtle across a busy road.  When she visits family the animals are always in tow, the entourage being an expected, rambunctious intrusion to any family function.  Her enthusiastic passion can be felt in the culture she has created with Dogs Vangroovin'.    

In 2002, Kristen moved her company to Kingston, Ontario when she enrolled at Queen's University.  Upon graduation she decided to remain in Kingston to build Dogs Vangroovin' into a full-time venture.  As a nominee for the Young Entrepreneur of the year for 2008, it seems that Kristen is on the right track.  

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We've been getting some attention ...

Karl Springer was our beautiful model for Dogs Vangroovin's First Aid Course, held in November, 2011.  
Here he was featured in Kingston This Week, November 24, p9.